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We do things differently

Our approach

Our team at Avantus HR has had years’ of experience working with busy HR teams. We’ve seen first-hand how the demands on people teams have increased over time. We understand the everyday pressures you face. We know how essential effective technology to automate and manage admin tasks has become.

Enter WorkplaceOne. It’s HR software – only better. You’ll find all the HR management tools you expect. But we do things differently. Forward-thinking businesses also offer flexible employee benefits and we’ve made it easy to manage these too. The team has created a 360-degree solution for employers, delivering the economies, benefits and convenience of cloud-based technology.

We are as passionate about your business as you are. We truly believe in helping your company grow by centralising and streamlining your HR process, saving you time, money and effort to focus on the bigger picture.

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Our commitment

We know that your time is valuable, so we’ll get everything set up for you. This allows you to concentrate your efforts on getting the best out of the platform. WorkplaceOne is delivered to you fully data-populated, configured to your requirements and ready to go. We even manage the go-live process, making sure all your employees are properly registered and know how to access the system.