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Chat with the Team

Create a powerful private social intranet using the iSociety module.

Stay in touch with each other via your own active, online community.

Featuring Voice Box: a facility allowing you to share ideas, actions and intra-company news items and get valuable feedback from your community in real time.


Publish company announcements and easily create and attach staff surveys using FormFriend.


A chat style facility to allow the broadcasting of email to all or selected groups of employees, incorporating a sophisticated but easy to use mail merge facility.

Ideal for communicating salary increases or any other change where the data to be published is unique to the employee.

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Commincator Features

  • Select your Audience – Broadcast to all or select groups of people whom the information will be relevant to

  • Invite Feedback – Allow employees to comment ask their own questions, or simply say thanks

  • Company Announcements – Share your latest company news and information bulletins

  • FormFriend – Easily attach staff surveys and questionnaires to your company announcements using FormFriend

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Free demo

Unsure whether WORKPLACEone is right for your business? Why not take advantage of a FREE demonstration?