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Compliance Checker

Whether supporting external requirements, such as monitoring CPD under the FCA rules, or managing internal requirements such as validating Right to Work documents, holding or updating current driver licence/insurance details, or ensuring an employee has confirmed they have read the Health and Safety guidelines, Compliance Checker can be incredibly useful.

Ensuring a Starter, Line Manager and HR have completed vital induction tasks is key to your business.  With compliance checker, you can set up an internal induction plan to run when someone starts the business ensuring key tasks are logged and compliance tasks completed.

This is a calendar driven module which can be set to require a confirmation that something has been done, or require upload of documents by a certain date, then send reminders if needed, and report on a full or exception basis if certain conditions aren’t met.

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Compliance Checker Features

  • Automated Notifications – Legislative compliance is a key management issue so our automated module will help you stay on top of key legal requirements

  • Generate Reports – Report on full or exception basis if certain conditions are not met

  • Send Reminders – Hound your team with reminders when deadlines are approaching

  • Require Confirmation – Make sure compliance has been met by requiring the employee to confirm through WORKPLACEone

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