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The Knowledge

Numerous standard fields are preconfigured, as well as any number of ‘unnamed’ fields being available for your own personalisation.

Documents, including CVs, P45s and reference letters can be uploaded and shared with other authorised administrators, as well as photographs of employees.

Organisational structures can be configured and uploaded.

This is an example of how employee information is displayed on the dashboard:

workplace one platform screen
The Company Directory displays a list of all employees and their contact details.

A comprehensive database of employee information

  • Specify the the data you need – Personalise your database by configuring specified fields that you want your team to complete

  • Stay Safe – Security is massively important All employee data is kept secure and only shared with team members with the specified permissions

  • Employee Self Service – Allow your employees the responsibility to maintain their own personal records

  • Keep your History – Automatically record key events, promotions, salaries and much more

  • Upload and Share Documents – Upload and record photographs, CVs, references, P45s or any document specific to a team member

  • Manage your Organisation Structure – Manipulate the portal to reflect the departments, companies and divisions within your business

  • Emergency Contacts – Keep record of the main points of contact in case a line manager or HR need to get hold of someone urgently

workplace one digital mockup

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